Barbara Scott-Goodman

Wine Bites
Published by Chronicle Books, a 160 page cookbook with original recipes and wine pairing suggestions Photography by Kate Mathis
The Vineyard Cookbook
Published by Welcome Books, a 156 page cookbook that features 32 American vineyards 
and includes original recipes and wine pairings
Food photography by Colin Cooke, Landscape and vineyard photography by Kirk Irwin and Wes Walker
The Beach House Cookbook
Published by Chronicle Books, a 156 page cookbook with original seasonal recipes 
Photography by Rita Maas 
Eat Greens
Published by Running Press, a 240 page cookbook with original recipes and nutritional information 
that feature fresh greens 
Photography by Colin Cooke
Additional Books By Barbara Scott-Goodman

Happy Hour at Home, Running Press

The Ski Country Cookbook, Chronicle Books

House Beautiful Welcome to the Table, Hearst Books 

The Diabetes Menu Cookbook, Wiley & Sons 

Sensational Salads, Stewart, Tabori & Chang 

The Garden Entertaining Cookbook, Chronicle Books 

Picnics, Chronicle Books 

Sunday Dinner, Chronicle Books 

Autumn Nights, Winter Mornings, Chronicle Books 

Spring Evenings, Summer Afternoons, Chronicle Books 

Barbara Scott-Goodman 
has produced a number of cookbooks that have been published by Penguin Press, Rizzoli, and Chronicle Books among many other publishers. Her books feature original recipes with that she develops, tests, and writes. Working closely with editorial, design, and production departments, she sees her books through 
all phases of the publishing process. 
Brooklyn Bar Bites
Published by Rizzoli, a 192 page cookbook with 110 recipes for food and cocktails from Brooklyn bars
Photography by Jennifer May
Delicious Dessert Cocktails
Published by Bluestreak Books, a 144 page cookbook with original cocktail and dessert recipes
Illustrated by Lauren Tamaki
Published by Penguin Press, a 96 page cookbook with 16 cake recipes
Illustrated with original paintings by Maira Kalman